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The Vanderbilt Transplant Center Transplant Clinic on Deaconess Health System’s Gateway Campus is Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s first transplant clinic in Indiana. The clinic sees prospective heart, liver and kidney transplant recipients as well as advanced heart failure patients, allowing patients to receive Vanderbilt care much closer to home.

Heart Transplant Program
The Vanderbilt Heart Transplant Program offers advanced heart failure consultation for new patients and pre-heart transplant management and follow-up.

Liver and Kidney Transplant Program
The Vanderbilt Liver and Kidney Transplant Program offers the latest diagnostic and therapeutic methodologies for patients with advanced liver or kidney disease that may require transplantation.

Pre-Transplant Testing Close to Home
While no transplants will occur at the Transplant Clinic, VUMC providers visit once or twice a month to see potential candidates in preparation for a transplant at VUMC’s main campus in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition, patients are able to undergo most of their pre-transplant testing through Deaconess. Such testing would otherwise require a trip to Nashville.
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Contact Us & Locations

Deaconess Gateway Campus
Medical Office Building 2

4209 Gateway Blvd. - Suite 5100

Heart Transplant Clinic: 615-875-6741
Advanced Heart Failure Clinic: 615-875-6741
Kidney Transplant Clinic: 615-936-0695
Liver Transplant Clinic: 615-875-6540

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