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Medical Office Building 5

Deaconess Medical Office Building 5Medical Office Building (MOB) 5 is located on the Gateway Campus, beside The Women's Hospital, facing I-69.

The following services are located inside MOB 5.


First Floor

Evansville Surgery Center
We provide surgical care of patients with diseases of the abdomen, breast, head and neck, endocrine system and vascular system (excluding intracranial vessels and the heart).  Specialty areas include minimally-invasive surgery which allows surgeons to perform the same procedure as traditional “open” operations, but with much smaller incisions. This often allows patients to have reduced post-operative pain, reduced facility stay, improved cosmetic outcome and shorter time returning to work and normal activity.
4133 Gateway Blvd., Suite 100

Deaconess Lab EXPRESS 
Our clinical specialists provide a vast array of testing services to meet the health care needs of Deaconess and affiliate hospital patients. Schedule an appointment online today
4133 Gateway Boulevard, Suite 110

Second Floor

GI Urgent Access - Dr. McCord 
GI Urgent Access provides convenient care to treat all of your emergent digestive needs.  Dr. Gregory McCord knows how important it is for you to get care when you need it. Schedule an appointment online today. 
4133 Gateway Boulevard, Suite 290

Deaconess Comprehensive Pain Center
Our comprehensive pain management services at this location are provided by family nurse practitioners.
4133 Gateway Boulevard, Suite 290

Ronald McDonald House 
Located on the Deaconess Gateway Campus, this House has 16 bedrooms, three kitchens, a large dining area, family space, a large multipurpose space, laundry facilities and a sensory room. Ronald McDonald House Gateway opened in October 2019 and we hope to nearly triple the amount of families served through this expansion of services.
4133 Gateway Blvd, Suite 250
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