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Medical Office Building 1

Medical Office Building 1 Entrance

Medical Office Building (MOB) 1 is located on the Gateway Campus. MOB 1 is separate from the other hospital buildings and will be located on the left as you enter from Epworth Road.  

The following services are located in MOB 1. 


First Floor 

The Vision Care Center

4233 Gateway Blvd
The Vision Care Center offers a variety of services and procedures to help improve your vision throughout all of the stages of your life.  

Deaconess Clinic Neurology

4233 Gateway Blvd. 

Deaconess Clinic Neurology provides diagnosis and treatment for the full spectrum of neurological disorders, including Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, headache and dementia.  They are also a key part of an interdisciplinary team providing treatment for brain tumors and stroke complications. Schedule a new patient appointment online today.

Second Floor 

Deaconess Lab EXPRESS 

4233 Gateway Blvd.
Our clinical specialists provide a vast array of testing services to meet the health care needs of Deaconess and affiliate hospital patients. Schedule an appointment online today. Schedule an appointment online today. 

Deaconess Clinic Podiatry 

4233 Gateway Blvd. 
From properly diagnosing the cause of foot pain to providing ongoing foot care to diabetics, our staff has the experience and advanced technology to return you to pain-free mobility and better podiatric (foot) health. Our doctors specialize in caring for feet and our laboratory is nationally recognized for creating quality orthotic devices. Schedule a new patient appointment online today

Third Floor 

Deaconess Clinic Family Medicine - Medical Office Building 1

4233 Gateway Blvd. 
Michelle Galen, MD - 812-426-9700 
Christopher Wood, MD - 812-853-7391

Family medicine doctors are specially trained in all aspects of family medicine, including pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric care. Some of our physicians also practice obstetrics, caring for mothers and babies during and after pregnancy.

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