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GI Specialty Center - Medical Office Building 6

Deaconess GI Specialty Center
Deaconess GI Specialty Center - Medical Office Building 6 is located on
the Deaconess Gateway Campus. 

The following services are located within the GI Specialty Center - MOB 6. 

First Floor 

Deaconess Endoscopy - Procedure Center 

4219 Gateway Blvd. Suite 1005
The comprehensive Endoscopy/Procedure Center includes eight procedure rooms for routine GI procedures, and one larger procedure room with capabilities for general anesthesia cases. Additionally, there are a total of 48 pre-operative and post-operative bays to provide total care for patients before and after their procedures.

Deaconess Lab EXPRESS

4219 Gateway Blvd. Suite 1004
Our clinical specialists provide a vast array of testing services to meet the health care needs of Deaconess and affiliate hospital patients. Schedule an appointment online today.

Lab Express
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Deaconess Radiology EXPRESS

4219 Gateway Blvd. Suite 1004
Our advanced equipment provides patients with quality diagnostic services including CT scans, nuclear medicine, ultrasounds, and special interventional procedures. Our Caring MR Suite reduces anxiety by allowing patients to customize their MRI environment and they also benefit from the clarity and detail provided by our digital PET scanner. 

Radiology Express
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Deaconess GI Quick Care

4219 Gateway Blvd. Suite 1003
Deaconess Clinic GI Quick Care provides same day GI appointments for patients who have immediate digestive needs. 

GI Quick Care
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Second Floor 

Deaconess Weight Loss Solutions

4219 Gateway Blvd. Suite 2001
At Deaconess Weight Loss Solutions, we offer both a surgical and non-surgical program. Our team works with you to create a program that meets your individual needs. Learn more > 

Deaconess Gastroenterology

4219 Gateway Blvd. Suite 2003
Deaconess Gastroenterology provides diagnosis and treatment for digestive and intestinal diseases. Our expert team consists of board certified gastroenterologists, advanced practice nurses, and an extraordinary medical staff in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. Together we provide comprehensive prevention, diagnostic, and therapeutic GI services to patients in our community.  Learn more > 

Dr. McCord - Deaconess Gastroenterology

4219 Gateway Blvd. Suite 2001
Gregory McCord, MD is board certified in Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine, Dr. McCord offers evening and same-day appointments for your convenience. Learn more > 

GI Urgent Access - Dr. McCord

4219 Gateway Blvd. Suite 2001
GI Urgent Access provides convenient care to treat all of your emergent digestive needs.  Dr. Gregory McCord knows how important it is for you to get care when you need it. 
GI Urgent Access
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