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Services Offered

3D Mammography 
3D mammography (tomosynthesis) is offered at our facility. This test detects breast tumors and abnormalities. Tomosynthesis allows our physicians to see images of the breast in layers, which improves visibility and detection of breast tumors, while reducing the frequency of “false positives” and the need for additional testing. *Please check with your insurance to verify coverage of tomosynthesis.
Screening Mammograms
Annual screening mammograms are recommended for women who are 40 years or older, or for younger women with specific risk factors for breast cancer. You don’t have to have any signs or symptoms of a breast abnormality in order to receive a screening; they are used for the early detection of breast cancer and other breast health issues.

A screening mammogram is performed for women with no signs, symptoms, or breast abnormalities, with the goal of detecting cancer or other breast problems before clinical signs are noticeable. 
Diagnostic Mammograms
You will be referred for this type of mammogram if you have an abnormality on your screening mammogram or if you have a breast mass or other breast change (found during a breast self-exam or by your physician).  Diagnostic imaging may include mammograms with extra compression or magnification, mammograms shot from different angles, or breast ultrasound.

Ultrasound Biopsy
One of our doctors will use ultrasound imaging to pin point the location of the breast lump or the concerned area. With ultrasound imaging, a biopsy may be performed.

Stereotactic Biopsy
Stereotactic Biopsy is similar to an ultrasound biopsy. Stereotactic Biopsy uses mammography to specifically identify and remove deformity of the breast.
Akrus Mammography and Biopsy Chair
The Breast Center at The Women’s Hospital has acquired the Akrus Mammography and Biopsy Chair. The Akrus chair is versatile and ergonomically designed for screening, diagnostic, and biopsy imaging. This new technology allows for a variety of positioning options, including upright and lying down.

This new chair allows the Breast Center Mammography Technologist to provide a more comfortable option to patients that cannot stand easily or for the time required to take quality breast images. The chair also provides a comfortable positioning option during breast biopsies and allows all areas of the breast to be reach by the Breast Radiologist to collect the necessary tissue sample during the exam.

A DEXA scan is a type of x-ray that measures bone thickness to limit risk for or presence of osteoporosis.
Breast Center at The Women’s Hospital Certified Navigators
Navigators are involved from the time of diagnosis through cancer treatment and follow-up, helping patients and their families understand their care options and process.

Certified Imaging Navigator:  Amy Boehm, RT(R)(M), CBPN-IC 
Certified Surgical Nurse Navigator:  Melissa Driskell, BSN, RN, CN-BN
Certified Treatment Nurse Navigator:  Terri Kempf RN, BSN, CBPN-C 

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