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Schedule a Bone Density Scan (DEXA)

Online Scheduling is Currently NOT Available. Please check back at a later date. 

If your doctor or provider has ordered a bone density scan (DEXA scan), please use the form below to schedule your exam.

About bone density scans/DEXA: A bone density (DEXA) scan is similar to an x-ray that quickly and accurately measures the density of bone. It is used primarily to detect osteopenia or osteoporosis, conditions in which the risk of fractures is increased.

Bone Density Scan (DEXA) Guidelines
  • Patients must have a physician order to complete a bone density scan
    • If your physician hasn’t already ordered this test for you, please contact your physician office to request an order before scheduling.
  • Women who are 65 years or older without previous known fractures
    • Medicare covers this exam every two years
  • Men or women 65 or older who may have secondary causes of osteoporosis
  • Women younger than 65 years who may have additional risk factors for osteoporosis
    Patient must NOT have had imaging with Barium or CT Oral Prep within 7 days of a bone density scan


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