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Breast Imaging

All breast images are reviewed by a specially trained radiologist.  The results of your imaging procedure will be available to you through your MyChart account or by mail within a few days of your procedure.  

For the most comprehensive review of your breast images, it is important for the breast radiologist to have prior mammogram films for comparison.
If you receive a Breast Cancer diagnosis
Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Program
A breast cancer diagnosis can be stressful and overwhelming.  The Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Program, a program of Deaconess Hospital Cancer Services in collaboration with The Women's Hospital, is designed to evaluate patients with known breast cancer in a comprehensive, single-day setting to minimize the time between diagnosis and treatment.  On the day of your appointment, you will meet with a breast surgeon, a medical oncologist, and radiation oncologist, who will discuss an appropriate course of treatment for you and answer all of your questions regarding breast cancer. 

In addition, you may also meet with a genetic counselor, plastic surgeon, social worker and dietician depending on your unique situation. All members of the multidisciplinary breast cancer program are committed to providing you and your caregivers the highest quality of care and attention during your time with us.

Education and Resources
Your first Mammogram: What to Expect > Learn more from the MD Anderson Experts

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