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Child Life Services

Child Life Services at Deaconess seeks to help children and their families handle stressful medical situations. We do this through a variety of ways at our multiple locations including inpatient care, out-patient services, and emergency department services. Our team explains tests and procedures at an age and ability-appropriate level and works hard to address the child's fear, confusion or anxiety. 
We embrace the value of family and play in the healing process and try to keep life as normal as possible for kids during hospitalization or treatment. Our services mirror those provided at Riley Hospital for Children and we collaborate with their Child Life Department on a regular basis to make sure we provide the highest level of comfort to our patients. 

Partnering with Parents

Parents know their children's likes and dislikes better than we do. That's why we partner with parents and guardians to identify what the child might enjoy. Activities could include: 
  • Art projects
  • Reading materials
  • Music
  • Support of patient interaction in Playville (indoor play facility)
  • Play opportunities/self-expression specific to each child's interests and particular situation
When appropriate, we involve siblings or other family members in activities.

Our team also understands that parents need support. We are here to listen and have conversations with you and occupy the child's attention so you get a needed break from the room.

Child Life Donations

Play is an essential and natural part of childhood. It helps with coping, diversion, self-expression and healing, and is vital to a child’s growth and development.

If your or your organization want to support child life services at Deaconess, please review the list of donation requests and our guidelines. Because our patients are in a medical setting, we have stricter rules for items we can accept. Specifically, we DO NOT accept used toys of any kind, art supplies containing latex, or glitter. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. 

Thank you for caring

The following individuals, groups and businesses have generously supported Child Life Services at Deaconess.  

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