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Welcome Letter from Dr. Strickland

Welcome to Deaconess

We know medical students are our future physicians. That's why the Department of Family Medicine and the Deaconess Family Medicine Residency Program are dedicated to making your learning experience at Deaconess outstanding. Our programs are the portal to many learning opportunities in the Deaconess system.

Whatever your interests - Primary Care, Emergency Medicine, Orthopedics, Radiology, Anesthesia, Obstetrics, or other - we can facilitate your medical student rotations and electives at Deaconess, giving you access to outstanding teaching physicians and a world-class hospital system.

You will learn in a patient-centered, cost-effective environment, providing care with medical excellence, kindness, and compassion. Patients, staff and students are blessed with a vast array of the latest technology and a full spectrum of specialists. Yet, the personal touch of healing remains the hallmark of Deaconess and its 125-year healing ministry.

We welcome you to our facilities. We believe our healing environment is vibrant and flourishing in the presence of teaching and learning. We have much to offer you as a student, and just as importantly, your presence at Deaconess gives much back to our staff and our patients. We are truly glad you are here.


Charles A Strickland, MD
Assistant Director, Deaconess Family Medicine
Site Director for Medical Students
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