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Deaconess Foundation Nursing Scholarship Application

The mission of Deaconess Health System is to provide quality health care services with a compassionate and caring spirit to persons, families, and communities of the Tri-State. In its pursuit of achieving Magnet designation for excellence in nursing services and in keeping with its mission, Deaconess Health System supports the growth and development of current and future nurses. The Deaconess Hospital Foundation Nursing Scholarship program represents an investment in people to pursue the Hospital’s vision of continued quality patient care and service excellence.
2024/2025 Applications Closed

The 2025/2026 application window will open in January of 2025.

2024/2025 Deaconess Foundation Nursing Scholarship

Application Deadline is March 25, 2024

The student is responsible for submitting all materials to Deaconess Human Resources by identified timeframes. Incomplete applications will not be evaluated. This application becomes complete and valid only when Deaconess Human Resources has received all of the following materials: Submitted Student Application Form (below); Current Official Transcript (Electronically Requested); Student Clinical Performance Evaluation Form (signed by student and sent to instructor).

Applicant Data


Please attach your resume below.

Your resume should list your work experience during the past four years, indicate dates of employment for each job and the approximate number of hours worked each week.

Additionally, your resume should list any relevant school activities from the past four years (e.g. student government, music, etc.). List any community activities in which you have participated without pay during the past four years (e.g. Boy/Girl Scouts, hospital volunteer). Note special awards, honors and offices held. Indicated whether the activities were high school or college activities.

Goals and Aspirations

Provide a statement or summary of your plans as they relate to your educational and career objectives and longterm goals.

Limit 2500 Characters

Distinguishing Qualities


Have you ever been convicted of a crime, excluding minor traffic violations?:

Please Read and Sign

I voluntarily authorize Deaconess Health System to make a thorough pre-employment investigation, including a limited criminal history background check for the purpose of qualifying for a Deaconess Foundation nursing scholarship. I understand that I have the right to obtain a copy of that report at my own expense and to challenge any information that I believe to be inaccurate. I hereby authorize former and present employers and others to provide or verify any information they have regarding my employment or me and release them from any liability for furnishing such information to Deaconess Health System. I understand that scholarship qualification and employment is contingent on satisfactory outcomes of reference and background checks. The information in this document that I have provided is true and complete, and I have met the eligibility requirements of the program as described. False statements on this scholarship application and employment-related documents shall be considered sufficient cause for denial of scholarship qualification. Falsification of information may result in termination of any scholarship granted upon discovery of such falsification. If I receive a Deaconess Foundation Nursing Scholarship and an offer for employment, I agree to have a medical evaluation and understand that any subsequent employment is contingent upon passing that evaluation. As an employee, I agree to take such future medical evaluation as may be lawfully required by Deaconess Health System. If I am employed, I understand that I may be required to work weekends, holidays and overtime and hereby agree to do so. I agree to accept a temporary shift or unit change whenever emergency conditions warrant. If employed, I agree to abide by the policies, procedures and rules of Deaconess Health System and the department to which I am assigned. I further agree to protect the confidentiality and privacy of any information regarding Deaconess Health System and its patients. I acknowledge that decisions of Deaconess Health System and its Selection Committee are final. This application and its attachments become the property of Deaconess Health System.

By signing below, I acknowledge and agree to the terms described above.

Note: Additional Required Materials

  • An official transcript of grades must be sent in addition to this application.
  • Must be official, can be sent online by electronically requesting an eTrancript.
  • Online transcripts must be ordered to be sent to
Student Clinical Performance Evaluation Form
  • Download the evaluation form PDF on the next page after hitting submit below. The form must be signed by student and sent to nursing instructor for completion.
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