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Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program

Addiction treatment at Deaconess Cross Pointe focuses on the philosophy that chemical dependency is a disease with a specific set of symptoms, treatment objectives, and treatment techniques. We offer the following programs to help patients who have substance use disorders. Call our main office at 812-471-4611 for more information. 

Modified Matrix Group
This is an outpatient group therapy program for adults. It meets during the day, two times per week, and focuses on assisting participants struggling with substance use disorders and sobriety. Average length of participation in the program is 10 weeks. 

Withdrawal Management/Detox
When a patient has become physically dependent on a substance, trying to manage withdrawal symptoms at home without professional supervision can be both painful and potentially dangerous. That’s why managing withdrawal symptoms is usually the first step for people entering drug and alcohol treatment programs.

Co-Occurring Diagnosis
Many people suffering from a mental health disorder often use drugs or drink large amounts of alcohol to “self-medicate,” to alter emotions, mood and motivation. Sometimes, detoxification and managing withdrawal symptoms needs to take place on our inpatient unit before we can address the underlying mental health condition. 

Resources for Families
We provide a list of community resources to help families in need of additional support.
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