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Co-Occurring Diagnosis

Many people suffering from a mental health disorder often use drugs or drink large amounts of alcohol to “self-medicate,” to alter emotions, mood and motivation. Not only does this method fail to fix any problems that may be occurring in a person’s life, it can actually make problems worse by increasing mental health symptoms as well as increase a person’s need for more of their drug or alcohol.

The first step in drug and/or alcohol treatment may include a short-term stay on our inpatient unit at Deaconess Cross Pointe to assist with managing any withdrawal symptoms. During this time, adult patients are monitored by staff 24/7 for signs and symptoms of potential withdrawal.

While the focus of this period of treatment is symptom management, introductions to Co-Occurring Disorders groups are offered. These groups focus on both substance use symptoms and mental health symptoms. The length of stay on our adult inpatient units varies based on each patient's need. However, Deaconess Cross Pointe’s adult inpatient units only provide short-term withdrawal management treatment.
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