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Doula Information

Doulas for Labor and Birth Support 
The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) and The Women's Hospital support the use of certified doulas and recognize doulas as part of the healthcare team. Therefore, the hospital has a responsibility to ensure safety for all doulas, patients and staff by meeting criteria of all other healthcare team members.

Before a doula is allowed to accompany a patient, The Women's Hospital requires:
  • Proof of completion of a labor doula certification program that is recognized by TWH. These include DONA, Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA), Childbirth International (CBI), Birthways International, Birth Arts International, and International Childbirth Education Association (CEA). Other doula certification programs might be considered, but will require curriculum details to be provided for review.
  • Proof of immunizations required by The Women's  Hospital. Immunizations are at the doula's expense.
  • Completion of The Women's Hospital's educational materials.
  • Completion of the forms packet provided by The Women's Hospital.
Instructions for doulas attending labor/delivery:
  • When you arrive at The Women's Hospital with a patient, Security will issue you a badge. This should be worn  while in the building and returned to  Security when you exit the building.
  • You will be screened for COVID, which includes questions and possibly a temperature check. This occurs each  time you exit and re-enter the  building; you will not be allowed to  enter if screening is not passed.
  • Appropriate personal protective  equipment (PPE) should be worn at all
  • times. This includes a surgical mask in public areas of the hospital and in the patient's room. At the time of pushing/delivery, a face shield/eye protection should also be worn. The doula is responsible for bringing their own PPE with them to the hospital.

If you are a patient who will deliver at The Women's Hospital and plan
to have a doula accompany you for labor and birth, your doula MUST contact The Women's Hospital Human Resources (HR) Department
at 812-858-5919 to complete this process.

Once all information
is submitted, HR and Employee Health will review documents
and contact your doula with the decision.

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