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Outpatient Services

Weigh and Stay Support Group 

The Weigh and Stay Support Group is for moms and babies that are doing well with breastfeeding but want a weight check or have questions about breastfeeding.

The group meets on the 1st Floor of The Women’s Hospital in Great Beginnings.
Weigh and Stay Support Group meets every Monday from 4PM - 6PM.

Come weigh your baby and stay to connect with other moms.

Video Chat 
The Women’s Hospital offers online lactation consultations through a secure video connection.
You can use your phone, tablet, or computer to connect with a Women’s Hospital lactation expert and find answers to your questions.
Video Chat Appointments
You need to schedule an appointment to use the Free online service, but consultations can be arranged at any time during the day or night. This is a perfect service for those who live far away or have other small children at home. It’s also great when the weather is bad or if assistance is needed in the middle of the night! Call 812-842-4525 or 812-842-4239 to make an appointment with one of our lactation consultants.

One-on-One Consultation/Weight Checks
Free weight checks and consultations are available seven days a week  in Great Beginnings:
  • Monday – Friday:  Weight checks and consultations available 9 AM to 3 PM
  • Saturday – Sunday:  Weight check and consultations available 12 Noon to 3 PM
  • Closed major holidays  
  • Call 812-842-4525 to schedule and appointment 
A one-on-one consultation with a lactation consultant is recommended if:
  • Baby has low output. Day 1-3, expect at least 3 stools and 2-3 wet diapers. Day 3-5 expect at least 2 stools and 3-5 wet diapers. Day 5 and beyond, expect at least 2-4 stools and 6-8 wet diapers.
  • Baby continually falls asleep at the breast and does not keep up a continuous pattern of suckle-swallow for 15-20 minutes per feeding.
  • Baby is losing weight, is unsettled and cries excessively.
  • Mother thinks her supply is low and wonders if she should supplement breastfeeding with formula.
  • Mother has sore, cracked or bleeding nipples, or painful breasts.
  • Mother has difficulty with latch or positioning of her baby.
  • Special Circumstances, such as prematurity, twins, anomalies or maternal health concerns.
  • If you wish to induce lactation for adoption - we have a program designed to help you produce milk.  However, inducing lactation may not work in some cases.
Great Beginnings Outpatient Lactation Center
Great Beginnings Breastfeeding Boutique is located on the first floor of The Women’s Hospital and offers services and products to help new mothers and their babies. We have a full line of breastfeeding supplies like bras 30A to 46F, camis, nursing covers, baby carriers, nipple cream, milk storage products and breast pumps.
Great Beginnings Hours
Monday - Friday 9 AM to 4 PM
Saturday - Sunday 12 Noon to 4 PM.
Great Beginnings also serves as a milk depot for The Milk Bank. This allows women to donate breast milk by dropping it off at our Great Beginnings. We also sells pasteurized donor milk when it is medically indicated or necessary for baby. For more information, including why we pasteurize all milk donations, contact a lactation consultant.
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