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Inpatient Services

Well Baby
Immediately after delivery, your baby will be placed against your bare chest and covered with a blanket. This is called “skin to skin” care and helps the baby adapt to life outside the womb. If your baby is born by cesarean section, you will be able to have skin to skin care in the recovery room as soon as you feel well enough to hold the baby.
When placed on mom’s chest, baby will start showing signs of hunger like rooting and turning their head, licking and smacking their lips. This is a good time to try breastfeeding your baby. Don’t worry. The lactation consultant will be there to walk you through the process.

Lactation consultants are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with any breastfeeding questions or problems. They will also check on you throughout your stay providing feeding logs and breastfeeding information that will be useful for you during your hospital stay and at home.

If your baby needs intensive care in the NICU, lactation support is still available. Our lactation consultants can teach you how to express milk using a breast pump and support you as your milk supply changes. The team coordinates with the neonatologist and NICU nursing staff so pumping and breastfeeding goals are met.
Donor Milk in the NICU
We know that human milk can make a vast difference in babies’ digestive systems and in their early development. When supplementation is needed, donor breast milk is the best option for premature and other NICU babies. Donor milk is available for babies requiring supplementation because the mother’s milk supply isn’t sufficient or when the baby is born prematurely and donor milk is needed to protect their digestive system.
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