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Mobile Breast Center

Screening Mammograms On The Go

To help make breast cancer screening easy and convenient, Deaconess Mobile Breast Center brings mammography expertise and quality to the communities we serve. As the first mobile breast center in Southern Indiana to offer 3D mammography, we’re bringing this service to women where they live and work.

This service is designed to ensure all women have access to an annual screening mammogram, regardless of ability to pay or travel to a breast imaging center.

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Employer benefits of offering on-site mammography:

  • Gain increased wellness at no cost to your organization or business; more productivity with on-site services.
  • Increase likelihood of getting screening mammogram, which can help detect breast cancer at earlier, treatable stages.
  • Communicate concern for well-being and increased community goodwill.
  • Raise breast cancer awareness to improve overall health and promote healthy practices.
  • Provide hospital quality mammograms at your site. 

Employee benefits of having on-site mammography:

  • Receive the same high-quality 3D equipment used by our hospital-based locations.
  • Takes 15 minutes or less.
  • Annual screenings, over age 40, are covered under preventive services for most insurance plans.
  • We file the insurance claim or bill employers directly.
  • Dedicated grants to cover people with no insurance.

Deaconess Mobile Breast Center features include:

  • Advanced technology in a comfortable environment.
  • Two private dressing rooms that connect directly to the mammography area.
  • Capacity to serve up to 30 women per day.
  • Staffed by female mammography-certified technologists.   
Scheduling the Deaconess Mobile Breast Center 

For more information or to request the Deaconess Mobile Breast Center, contact the program manager at
Please choose up to 3 week day dates for the Mobile Mammogram Bus to be at your location.
Is there a bathroom available for our technicians to use:
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