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Meet Our Team

Breast Patient Navigator

Navigators are involved from the time of diagnosis through cancer treatment and follow-up, helping patients and their families understand their care options and process. Breast navigators can serve as a single point of contact between Deaconess Breast/Cancer Services and the patient, explain complex medical terms, coordinate needed resources and more. 

Certification by the National Consortium of Breast Cancer Centers reflects the achievements of professionals beyond licensure requirements and basic skills. The breast patient navigator is an integral part of care.

Deaconess Breast Services Certified Patient Navigators:

  • Breast Cancer Imaging Navigator:  Robynn Working, RT(R)(M), CBPN-IC 812-450-6613
  • Breast Cancer Treatment Nurse Navigator:  Terri Kempf RN, BSN, CBPN-C 812-858-2260
  • Breast Cancer Imaging Navigator:  Amy Boehm, RT(R)(M), CN-BI   812-842-4995
  • Breast Cancer Treatment Nurse Navigator:  Donna Grant, RN, OCN, CN-BN  812-842-2210
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