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Linda E. White Hospice House

Located on the Deaconess Midtown Campus in Evansville, Indiana, the free-standing inpatient hospice house provides inpatient medical services for patients with a terminal illness who need pain management or symptom control.

The facility has 7 patient suites and shelled space for 7 future suites. Each suite includes comfortable patient areas including seating for visitors and a private patio with exterior doors made to accommodate taking the patient outside while still in his or her bed. There is an adjoining family area with two beds and a private bathroom. The patient suites open up to a large garden area with water features and a labyrinth.  

Patients must meet certain eligibility standards for admission to inpatient hospice. Examples of qualifying symptoms include uncontrolled pain, nausea, and/or anxiety.

A Message from Linda E. White - Dreams. Do. Come. True. 

Visitor Information 

Family members may stay with their loved one around the clock. With adult supervision, children are welcome to visit. Arrangements may also be made for a visit with the patient's pet.

Our inpatient hospice facility have kitchens where visitors can cook and enjoy meals. There are large family areas with comfortable seating, televisions, books, games, computers, etc. and a room just for kids! There are also quiet areas, gardens and outdoor space for reflection, and a chapel.

Your online donation provides comfort and care to hospice patients and their families.
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Visiting Hours: 

Monday - Friday 8 AM - 8 PM


Linda E. White Hospice House
611 Harriet Street, Evansville, IN 47710
Reception Desk:  812-450-7021
Refer a Patient:   812-450-7032 or Complete the online form >
Linda E. White Hospice House Nurses Station:  812-450-7020

Questions and other inquiries:  812-450-7021
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