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Reflection Tree


Reflection TreeReflection Tree, Supporting Deaconess Home Health and Hospice 

During the holidays, family and friends gather together to celebrate. We also pause and remember those loved ones no longer with us. Deaconess Foundation and Deaconess Home Health and Hospice are continuing the tradition of honoring those who have passed away in our hospice program through our Reflection Tree Lighting. 

Deaconess Hospice and Foundation staff are honored to celebrate and remember your loved ones. Thank you for your generous support to future hospice families.

Support Options:
$30 – Light on the Reflection Tree and one loved one’s name read in our virtual ceremony.
$60 – Light on the Reflection Tree, one name read in the ceremony, and a special Reflection Tree                     ornament mailed to your home.
Questions? Please call 812.450.3359.

Reflection Tree Information

($30 Each)

— INCLUDES Light ($60 Each)

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