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Amputee Services

Patients who have lost a limb, whether due to trauma, complications from medical conditions or from congenital limb deficiencies, can benefit from specialized and coordinated services to help them strengthen their bodies and adjust to life with this significant physical change.

Often a patient who has had an amputation will want a prosthesis, which can help restore more normal function, but can have its own challenges.

Our skilled staff can help amputee patients live their best life after surgery and going forward.
Conditions Treated
Just as there are many conditions and injuries that can lead to an amputation, there can be conditions after amputation that need to be managed.

Some of the most common include:
  • Prosthetic discomfort
  • Physical deconditioning/compensation disorders
  • Phantom pain
Services Offered
  • Stump and prosthesis care
  • Physical therapy to build strength, helping the body compensate for the lost limb.
  • Treatment for phantom pain, including medications, massage, nerve stimulation, desensitization, and more.
  • Coordinating with certified prosthetic limb provider (prosthetist)
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