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Schedule a Lung Nodule Screening

Who qualifies?
This screening test is for individuals who are at high risk for lung cancer. You may be eligible if you are:
  • Between the age of 50 - 80 yrs.  
  • Have smoked 20 pack-years (calculated by multiplying the average number of packs smoked per day by the number of years smoked).
  • If you are a current smoker or have quit in the past 15 years.
Select a Time Below
  • Then, Log in to MyChart or Continue as a Guest in the scheduling window
  • Continue through the steps to complete your information
  • A confirmation page will appear when you have scheduled your appointment
Are you at least 50 years old and no older than 80 years old?
Have you been diagnosed with lung Cancer in the past?
Are you a current smoker or have you quit in the last 15 years?
We're sorry, we are unable to schedule this visit.
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