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Schedule a Diagnostic X-Ray

If your doctor or provider has ordered a diagnostic x-ray, please use the form below to schedule your exam.

About x-ray: X-ray imaging is used for diagnosing various medical problems in bones, chest, intestines and for other specialized needs.  X-rays are the most frequently-used form of medical imaging. 

X-ray Guidelines
  • X-rays require a physician order
  • Your doctor may place this order electronically, or will provide a paper order form that you should bring with you to your appointment
  • If you are pregnant or may be pregnant, please tell your doctor or technologist
If you need an appointment within the next 24 hours click on the 'Schedule Now' button.
To schedule an appointment further out, click on the 'Schedule Later' button.

Select a time below

  • Then, Log in to MyChart or Continue as a Guest in the scheduling window
  • Continue through the steps to complete your information
  • A confirmation page will appear when you have scheduled your appointment

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