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The Women’s Hospital is devoted to providing world-class care, from our family to yours, one exceptional experience at  a time. With a dedicated and compassionate staff, The Women’s Hospital provides a complete range of health care services to women and infants in a soothing, “spa-like” atmosphere.

The Women's Hospital is a jointly physician owned facility between Deaconess Health System and Evansville Holdings I, LLC which is comprised of obstetricians/gynecologists who are part of Women’s Healthcare, P.C., as well as other physician specialists.


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With Breastfeeding Simplified Online, you are allowed to learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. Topics include the importance of breastfeeding, signs of a good latch, maintaining adequate milk supply, and how dads can help.
Whether you're choosing to "go natural" or get an epidural this convenient online-only course allows you learn at your own pace and choose the information that is most important to you.
Focuses on helping people with Parkinson’s and other illnesses maintain a positive attitude and overcome the challenges in their lives. 
A comprehensive course discussing the labor process, baby care, and breastfeeding.
*Includes corresponding evidenced-based website access to online videos and pdfs

Work on balance, strength, and flexibility while incorporating exercises that enhance your pelvic floor.