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Your Health

Resources for Your Health and Quality of Life

  CONCERN EAP - Need help resolving your personal problems so you can focus on work? CONCERN Employee Assistance Program is here to help.  
  Work-Life Web Site- As a Deaconess employee, you can access the Work-Life site, filled with more than 3,000 resources to help you with your daily living needs.
  Employee Wellness Program- This free service includes health screenings, by appointment, and wellness counseling by our wellness coaches.
  Fitness Center- The Deaconess Fitness Center makes it easy for you to stay fit with a convenient location, long operating hours, and qualified fitness professionals.  
  Support Groups- Seek out the help & friendship of local support groups to deal with difficult issues.  
  Your EAP Questions - Email us your questions regarding CONCERN EAP, and we will respond to your inquiry via email.  
  Health Library - Take an active role in your health. Browse the articles & other resources in our online health library.  
  Community Events - Support tri-state health initiatives by backing these upcoming health-related events.  
  Health Risk Assessments - Take one of our interactive, informative assessments to evaluate your risk for stress, illness & other conditions.  


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