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Inpatient Rotations

Adult Medicine
  • Family medicine residents run their own inpatient service for their patients and the patients who are seen by the faculty in the Deaconess Family Medicine Clinic.
  • PGY1 residents work with a PGY3 resident and sometimes a medical student to deliver care to these patients.
  • The Family Medicine Residency Faculty oversees the care of the residents.
  • Once the patients are cared for, the PGY1 assists the hospitalists with admissions on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
  • The PGY2 residents participate in night float.
    • The PGY2 works Sunday night – Thursday night and finishes up with Friday morning continuity clinic.
  • The PGY3 resident supervises the PGY1 resident and helps with admissions.
    • On Tuesday and Thursday, the PGY3 assists the hospitalist with admissions.
Sample PGY-1 Adult Medicine Schedule

  • The pediatrics service meets at Deaconess Gateway Hospital in Newburgh, IN
  • Staffed by Pediatric Hospitalists and Intensivists.
  • The PGY1 and PGY2 residents round on patients and present them daily to the hospitalist.
    • In the afternoon, the residents run the Pediatric Acute Clinic at the Family Medicine Center. This is a great opportunity to treat a wide variety of acute pediatric issues.
  • On Sunday, the PGY1 pediatric resident covers the OB service at The Women’s Hospital and new pediatric admissions to Deaconess Gateway Hospital.
Sample PGY-1 Pediatrics Schedule

Obstetrics (OB)
  • The OB service meets at The Women’s Hospital in Newburgh, Indiana.
  • The PGY1 spends Monday, Tuesday morning, Thursday morning, Friday and Saturday at The Women’s Hospital working directly with the attending.
  • The PGY2 spends Monday morning, Tuesday morning, Wednesday and Thursday at The Women’s Hospital working directly with the attending. The PGY2 participates in OB/Pediatrics call.
  • The PGY1 spends Wednesday and the PGY2 spends Friday morning at ECHO OB/GYN Clinic working with the attending.
Sample PGY-1 OB Schedule
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