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Nursing Graduates Express Your Interest

Nursing Graduate positions are available for students who are obtaining their ASN or BSN who have graduated but not yet passed the NCLEX exam. Upon licensure, title will change to Registered Nurse while continuing orientation. All Nursing Graduate positions will begin after graduation.

Students who are offered this position begin orientation on the nursing unit where they were hired to work.  New graduates attend nurse residency classes for their first 12 months and training on the nursing unit.

Requirements and Graduation Information

  • Students must have graduated from a nationally accredited school of professional nursing (ACEN, CCNE, or AACN). 
  • ASN hires are required to complete their BSN within five years from date of hire.
  • Deaconess will pay for NCLEX exam, any review class of your choice, and up to four hours to sit for the exam.  
​    To apply to these positions, please apply on our Careers page.

For more information about Deaconess or Nursing Graduate positions, please contact 812-450-4095 or complete the form below.
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