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Emotional / Mental / Emergency / Family Support

+ Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Employees and members of their households can receive free assessment, short term counseling, and any needed referrals for mental health concerns, substance use/abuse issues, life changes, family issues or personal problems. More details, as well as day, evening and video appointments, are available at

+ Friendship Fund
Employees who have experienced a recent catastrophic event can receive up to $1,000 in assistance ($2,500 lifetime). See more information or apply:


+ PTO Donation
Employees can donate PTO to any fellow employee who is experiencing a personal or family situation or crisis. Learn more, or donate PTO hours, via the PTO Donation Form.


+ Children's Enrichment Center
High-quality childcare for infants through pre-K; facilities are located at Midtown, east Evansville, and Henderson. Costs are comparable to other Level 4 quality centers in the region.

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