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Deaconess EAP - For Employees

Services Provided
  • Short-term counseling to address life changes, family issues, personal problems, etc.
  • Short-term counseling for mental health or substance abuse issues; these referrals may be mandated by a supervisor.
 All meetings with our professionally trained counselors are strictly confidential.
Who Can Participate
If your employer is a client company of Deaconess EAP, you and members of your household may use EAP services.  You do not need to be a participant in your employer’s health insurance program to use EAP.  Contact your human resources department or Deaconess EAP at 812-471-4611, or toll-free at 1-800-874-7104to determine if your employer offers this program.

Strict confidentiality is maintained by Deaconess EAP. In fact, confidentiality is the most important element in the relationship between you and your counselor. No one will know about your participation in the program unless you tell them — not even your employer.

All records and information are the exclusive property of Deaconess EAP. No information will be given to the company that will identify who is using the program. All federal and state laws safeguarding confidentiality apply to Deaconess EAP.

Services are free of charge to the participant
The services of Deaconess EAP are an employee benefit. You and members of your household who use the program do so at no cost to you. If you and your counselor decide that additional services are required by an outside resource, you will be responsible for any costs not covered by insurance.

To submit a non-urgent question, please contact us
For assistance, call 812-471-4611 or 800-874-7104.
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