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EAP Video Visits

Welcome to EAP Video Visits
If you or a member of your household are struggling with a situation, life event, or mental well-being, Deaconess Cross Pointe now offers EAP Video Visits with one of our licensed, experienced counselors via your smartphone, tablet or computer.
This service is effective, confidential and at no cost to you.  

Our skilled therapists can help you find solutions, teach you self-care techniques, and guide you in specific actions you can take to help you or your loved one(s) improve your well-being.  You can also use EAP Video Visits along with traditional office visits, or instead of seeing a therapist in person. 
To Schedule an Appointment:
Step 1:  Download the apps you'll need for a mobile device. *NOTE* Desktop users can skip this step.  Step 2:  Schedule your Appointment Step 3:  Complete E-Check in MyChart
  • Any time after appointment is scheduled, up to 14 days prior to your appointment
Step 4:  Time for Appointment
  • Open MyChart
    • Mobile Users - Open the MyChart App
    • Desktop Users - Open the MyChart Website
  • Choose appointments (calendar icon)
  • Choose your Employee Assistance Program Video Visit
  • Choose the link that says Start Your Visit
  • Zoom will automatically launch and you will enter the meeting room
  • Wait for the provider to join the visit
Schedule Online Now > 
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