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Healthier U Walk

Join Deaconess Clinic, WIKY and HOT 96 for twelve sautrdays this spring and summer, and walk your way to health and wellness!

Meet us at a different park or walking trail to explore the wonderful outdoor space that our region has to offer. Children of all ages (including those in strollers) and leashed pets are welcome to attend.

On the third Saturday of each month, join Mayor Winnecke for the Healthier U Walk, followed by Fitness in the Park, an initiative of Energize Evansville. These walks are marked with an *.

All walks are from 9-10am. You can walk at your own pace, for any distance you wish. Be sure to come early for registration and giveaways. 

Benefits include:

  • Better health! Moderate activity is good for you, and it's a fun way to spend quality time with family and friends. 
  • Meeting new people, including potential "walking buddies." 
  • Opportunity to gradually start a regular walking habit.
  • Free health information and give-aways, including a Healthier U t-shirt as a part of your free Healthier U Walking Club membership.

Walk Calendar:

Healthier U Walk
Walk your way to health and wellness at Garvin Park!
Theme: Heart Health. Hosted by Deaconess Heart Services.
Healthier U Walk
Walk your way to health and wellness at Wesselman Park! 
Theme: Foot Health. Hosted by Deaconess Clinic Podiatry.
Healthier U Walk
Walk your way to fitness at the 4H Fairgrounds.
Theme: Weight Loss by Deaconess Weight Loss Solutions. 
Healthier U Walk
Walk your way to health and fitness at the USI trail.
Theme: Children's Health by the Deaconess Clinic West. 
Healthier U Walk
Walk your way to a health at the Henderson Riverwalk. 
Theme: Osteoporosis by Deaconess Clinic Henderson. 
Healthier U Walk
Walk your way to a healthier you at Garvin Park.
Theme: Yoga & Tai Chi by the Deaconess Center for Life Balance. 
Healthier U Walk
Walk your way to a healthier you at Sunset Park.
Theme: Cancer prevention and screenings by Deaconess Cancer Services. 
Healthier U Walk
Walk your way to health and fitness at the Deaconess Sports Park.
Theme: Kids' Summer Safety by Deaconess Trauma Services and Concussion Clinic. 
Healthier U Walk
Walk your way to health and fitness at the Shirley James Memorial.
Theme: Prostate Cancer Awareness and Celebration of Survivors by Deaconess Clinic Urology. 
Healthier U Walk
Heathier U Walk at the Newburgh Rivertown Trail. 
Theme: Women's Health & Wellness by The Women's Hospital. 
Healthier U Walk
Walk your way to a healthier you at Sunset Park. 
Theme: Breast Health by the Deaconess Breast Center. 
Healthier U Walk
Walk your way to a healthier you at the State Hospital.
Theme: Nutrition & Wellness by Deaconess Employee Wellness, LifeQuest.

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