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Information Technology

An Essential Component of Quality Health Care
Information technology is vital to almost every area of Deaconess Health System. It improves the efficiency of our healthcare providers, the convenience of using our services, and the safety of our services for patients.

 VoiCert Provider Efficiency

Provider Efficiency - Our advanced information system reduces the burden of  communicating health care information. Ordering physicians can receive patient test results via computer without the delays imposed by fax and mail delivery. Health care providers can quickly access patient data without repetitive communication or delays waiting for charts. Additionally, paperwork is minimized throughout the health care system.

Physician Convenience - Physicians can access patient clinical data, including test results, from their office, home, or any location with Internet connectivity.

Patient Convenience - Information technology makes our services more convenient for patients as well. Deaconess Cancer Services offers a prime example. While our facilities operate on opposite sides of the city, at the Deaconess Chancellor Center and Deaconess Hospital, we communicate as one unit. Thanks to the Deaconess Information Services Department, our computers and cancer treatment systems are linked as one. This means that patient treatment plans can be completed at either location without a loss of communication between providers.

For assistance or to learn more about information technology at Deaconess, contact the Information Services Help Desk at 812/450-3300.