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School of Nursing Alumni

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Board of Directors

President: Brenda (Goldman) Foucault  |  Email


Retired March 2011
(812) 962-1844

Vice President: Madge Casper  |  Email  

(812) 422-9192
Corresponding Secretary:  Gayle Rood  |  Email
(812) 897-3155
Recording Secretary: Ellen Wathen  |  Email

Deaconess Employee Education & Development
(812) 450-7249
Treasurer: Libby Ketchem  |  Email
  Deaconess Wound Services
(812) 450-7703
Past President: Diana McDaniel



Graduates of the Deaconess Hospital School of Nursing are eligible for active membership in this association and may become a member upon payment of dues.

Current paid membership = 257 in 2015

Dues -- Annual dues are $5 per year and may be mailed to Libby Ketchem at Deaconess Hospital, 600 Mary Street, Evansville, IN 47747.

The Alumni Board is interested in gathering news about DHSON graduates. Please e-mail news information to Ellen Wathen .  Any changes of address to update our mailing list are very welcomed.