Exceptional Experiences


Great experiences are what make your health care exceptional. The staff at Deaconess works every day to show compassion in action and deliver the best health care experiences possible. Click below to read stories from real patients.

"...our patients have recognized Deaconess as an area leader for health care due to the compassion in action that is demonstrated every day of the year within Deaconess Health System." 

      - Linda E. White, President & CEO of Deaconess Health System 

Be There For Them
Hospice staff brings comfort and compassion to family during a loved one’s final days.
Show Understanding
At a low point in life, a struggling patient finds hope through those around her.
Do Something Special
When an out-of-town mother rushed to her child, one nurse showed extra care.
Take Time to Listen
A frightened 12-year-old is comforted by staff who take time to listen and explain.
Go the Extra Mile
When a test revealed a concern, the radiologist helped the patient get answers.
Offer All You Can
Hospital staff becomes like family to an elderly man during and after a long hospital stay.
Be Extraordinary
While in the emergency department, a man and his wife are touched by the care they receive. 
Give a Little Extra
A family chooses to keep their mother in the care of Deaconess instead of leaving town.
Provide Comfort
After receiving scary news, a concerned woman is comforted by an off-duty nurse. 
Use Your Talents
Taking the time to deliver results with a phone call makes a big difference for one patient. 
Stay Positive
Care, explanation, and encouragement from staff help a family as a husband is in critical care. 

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