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Deaconess Weight Loss Solutions

Kyle M. started the Deaconess Weight Loss program in October of 2014. His early adoption of the program guidelines and activities, allowed him to have significant success well before his surgery took place. Since surgery, he continues to be an active participant and has seen remarkable success with his weight loss journey!  See more patient success photos in our Photo Gallery
Before                                After

Did You Know?

Obesity increases the risk for a host of serious medical problems, including high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and many others.  Despite their best efforts, some people are not able to lose weight through diet, exercise and lifestyle changes alone.

Why Choose Deaconess Weight Loss Solutions?

Deaconess Weight Loss Solutions offers a variety of medical and surgical weight loss options for patients who suffer from morbid obesity.  The comprehensive programs ensure the safest and most successful experience for every patient. A multi-disciplinary, specially-trained team of physicians, nursing staff, and ancillary professionals provide the care and support necessary for successful weight loss.

How to Get Started

  1. Complete the new patient packet. Click to download a copy of the packet
  2. Attend a Free Seminar to meet our surgeon and Board Certified Bariatrician. Seminars are offered twice a month. Click here to see a list of available dates/times
  3. Contact the office to reserve your spot at the next seminar!
  4. Identify your support system. Who can be your cheerleader to keep you accountable to stick with the program?
  5. Get ready to lose weight! 

What our patients are saying...

"June 16, 2017 marked 18 months since my gastric bypass.  Yesterday,  I stepped on the scale and when I realized I finally was in the NORMAL BMI range, I almost cried.  I never remember a time when I was as healthy as I am today.  I praise God for the astonishing transformation I have been through.  I have definitely been dealt the challenges over the months; however,  they have just proven to me how strong I am.  I never imagined I could or would lose 171 lbs.  I can finally enjoy life and not watch it pass me by.  I have added years to my life and decreased my chances of dying from obesity related diseases.  I AM STRONG!!  This is not the end, only the start to a whole new chapter in my life." – M. Beadles 

“With the support of all the staff at Deaconess Weight Loss Solutions, I have managed to lose well over 100 pounds!” – Marta H

“I have had my weight to yo-yo for the last ten years not be able to sustain a healthy weight. Since having started the Medifast”…
“On March 17th, 2015 I had my gastric bypass surgery and in 6 months I have lost 92 pounds. I am able to do things now I had only dreamed of doing. I am no longer morbidly obese and my cholesterol is back to normal. I would recommend Deaconess Weight Loss Solutions to anyone who is tired of struggling with being overweight. Losing weight has helped me become the best version of myself and I would do it all again in a heartbeat!" – A. Kinney

“I had no issues before during or after [surgery]. It truly was picture perfect, I credit that to my own readiness and confidence in my surgical team lead by Dr Haughn in the deaconess group, absolutely wonderful group…. At this point I am about 7 months post- op and have lost a total of 189 lbs. High weight was 451 lbs. , current weight is 262 lbs. with my personal goal set at 250 lbs. In closing I will tell you that the decision to have the gastric sleeve was one of the best decisions of my life!!!!” K. Musgrove

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