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Deaconess Weight Loss Solutions

Lose weight and improve your health

Obesity increases the risk for a host of serious medical problems, including high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and many others.  Despite their best efforts, some people are not able to lose weight through diet, exercise and lifestyle changes alone.

Deaconess Weight Loss Solutions offers a variety of medical and surgical weight loss options for patients who suffer from morbid obesity.  The comprehensive programs ensure the safest and most successful experience for every patient. A multi-disciplinary, specially-trained team of physicians, nursing staff, and ancillary professionals provide the care and support necessary for successful weight loss.

The physicians and staff at Deaconess Weight Loss Solutions have helped hundreds of patients lose weight and improve their health.  Find out for yourself.  Attend a free seminar where you will meet our surgeons and get your questions about surgical weight loss answered.

What our patients are saying...

"With the support of all the staff at Deaconess Weight Loss Solutions, I have managed to lose well over 100 pounds and I have less than that to reach my goal weight.  Even if I never lose another pound, I would consider my gastric bypass to be a success because today I am able to live my live the way I've only dreamed about for years.  I no longer make excuses not to do things, I just go out and get things done. I'm not only a new person, I'm a better one." - Marta H.

“I have had my weight to yo-yo for the last ten years not being able to sustain a healthy weight. Since having started the Medifast 5-in-1 meal plan in February, I have lost 20 pounds. I feel great, have tons of energy, and I don't feel like "sludge" has slowed me down. My husband has even said I look the best he's seen in years (a compliment not often received in the past). (The Medifast) has been easy to adapt to my schedule of working mixed shifts as a nurse. The convenience of the PCMRs have made it easy and convenient. I have even managed to work the lean and green meals into dinner for a family of five. I still have a long road ahead of me to maintain the weight I have lost and to attain my goal weight. I am looking forward to my new way of life, which is optimal health!" - Michelle 35, mother, wife, nurse, and student.

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