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    Medicare 101: Original Medicare

    Medicare 101: Original Medicare
    As a leading provider of health care services, we often receive questions from our patients about Medicare. As an owner of MyTruAdvantage Medicare Advantage Plan, we created this Medicare 101 series to help provide helpful information about options available to you when it comes to your health care coverage.
    All about Original Medicare
    Once you enroll in Medicare Part A (hospital care) & Part B (medical care), you will need to decide how you’ll get your Medicare coverage. One option is to choose Original Medicare. Original Medicare is health insurance offered by the federal government and includes a set amount of coverage for Medicare Part A & Part B.

    There are a few things to note about Original Medicare:
    • Original Medicare only covers 80% of your health care costs and you’re responsible for the other 20%—and there’s no limit to the amount of money you could pay as your 20%. This means an extended hospital stay or specialized care could cost you a large amount out-of-pocket.
    • Original Medicare does not include prescription drugs (Part D). If you want prescription drug coverage, you will need to select a separate prescription drug plan in addition to your Original Medicare coverage.
    • Original Medicare does not provide coverage for additional benefits like dental, hearing, vision and more. You would need to purchase separate coverage or pay out-of-pocket when needing those services.
    There is an alternative—Medicare Advantage plans
    Medicare Advantage plans are “all-in-one” alternative to Original Medicare and are offered by private companies approved by the federal government, like MyTruAdvantage—Deaconess’ own Medicare Advantage plan.  

    Medicare Advantage plans, like MyTruAdvantage, cover everything that Original Medicare covers, PLUS offer extra benefits like prescription coverage, as well as dental, vision and hearing and additional benefits like gym memberships, OTC allowances and more.
    And unlike Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans have a maximum out-of-pocket limit you’ll have to pay for your health care each year. With a Medicare Advantage plan, you receive the same coverage as Original Medicare, plus more—and you have the same or low-cost premium with lower out-of-pocket costs.
    About MyTruAdvantage—Deaconess’ Medicare Advantage plan
    Learn more about Medicare and MyTruAdvantage—the Indiana-based Medicare Advantage plan from Deaconess. MyTruAdvantage is a Medicare Advantage plan founded by doctors and hospitals you know and trust, focused on the community and designed around you. As an owner of MyTruAdvantage, we are pleased to offer this Indiana-based Medicare Advantage plan to our patients, neighbors and community.
    To learn more, visit or call (833) 213-6731 (TTY: 711).
    While Deaconess is affiliated with MyTruAdvantage, we also participate with a variety of other Medicare Advantage Plans operating within the area.

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