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    Father's Day

    Dr. Ron Pyle Neonatologist at The Women's Hospital 06/17/2015

    A day to remember for some, a day to reflect for others and hopefully a day to celebrate all our fathers and what they mean to us. For me, it is a day to say thank you to my hero, my role model, my father. It is also a day to measure how I’m doing as a Dad.

    My Dad is all those things and more to me. He is a motivator, a teacher, a mentor, a friend and most importantly my father. What you don’t know is that those roles have never changed over the years. He is still my sounding board, my go to for anything. I have been blessed, and I can only hope that I am even a fragment of the father he is to my children. If so, then I will do just fine.

    After growing up with a football coach/principal for a father and 2 brothers, being the father of 4 girls is quite a challenge. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t, am and will be scared. I am very fortunate to be surrounded by such wonderful little ladies. They have taught me so much…like it is okay to wear pink and to play with dolls. Being the horse is an honor, not to mention back breaking. Changing clothes 3-4 times per day is a female tradition, whatever!

    Being a Dad is a dream come true. Having four beautiful girls, each different in their own way, is a challenge I welcome. They make me laugh, cry and turn gray, but they are my life, my happiness, and my smiles. I am a work in progress, so they tell me. I do not know what the end result will be, but what a wonderful journey it has been and will be. It is good to be DAD!

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