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Linda E. White Hospice House

Linda E. White Hospice House

Located directly across from the Deaconess Main Campus, the Linda E. White Hospice House provides a comfortable and modern home-like setting for patients and their loved ones to be during this time of need. The Linda E. White Hospice House serves patients whose symptoms are out of control including pain management. The facility offers 24/7 hospice trained staff with access to Social Workers, Spiritual Care, and Bereavement Services. The facility has  7 patient suites with a family suite attached, private patio access to the gardens, chapel, community room, family kitchen and dining room, children’s play area, and exercise room.

A letter from Linda E. White

Dreams. Do. Come. True.

Imagine the most exceptional staff providing compassionate patient care in the most stunning new facility on the Deaconess Hospital campus. Call it a “hospice house,” and you have the makings of something very, very special.
The vision for this Hospice House was conceived after seeing with my own eyes how meaningful hospice was for both of my parents. Hospice is not only about caring for patients, it’s also about providing comfort to family members and friends at a time when the end of life is near. It’s a time of reflection, peace, prayer, memories, gatherings and thanks. That’s what makes this Hospice House meaningful to our great community.
Over the years, Deaconess has provided hospice services on a nursing unit, in nursing homes, in patients’ homes and in other environments. We knew the care was excellent in all of the locations. It just wasn’t that “complete experience.”

So after many studies, site visits, projections and approvals from the Deaconess Board of Directors, the dream of a hospice house became a plan—a reality.

Site selection wasn’t easy, but eventually the Deaconess Hospital campus was selected, and construction commenced. This is no ordinary building. Special touches were added throughout the construction process to enhance the Deaconess Hospice House experience:
  • Staff input into every decision regarding patient rooms
  • Bedroom for family members adjacent to every patient room
  • Community-focused Hospice Advisory Council
  • Multiple interior designers to decorate patient rooms with their own touches
  • Commissioned art pieces selected by the Advisory Council
  • Selection of an Indiana tree for the chapel’s table
  • Pass-throughs for medications and supplies so patients are not disturbed
  • Doors that allow a patient’s bed to enter a private patio that looks out onto a labyrinth
  • Waterfalls at the entrance and in the courtyard
  • Meeting rooms and offices on the second floor away from patient areas
  • Covered connector from the hospital to the Hospice House for transport
  • Adjacent parking spaces
  • “Topping-out” celebration when the highest beam was raised, complete with staff signatures
The list goes on and on. You can begin to sense the time and effort numerous individuals spent over days, weeks and months to make the Hospice House a Home.

Thank you to every person who touched this wonderful addition to our community. It truly was a team effort to bring a dream into a reality. Heartfelt thank yous to Deaconess Foundation and the Deaconess Board of Directors.
Dreams. Do. Come. True.

Linda E. White
President and CEO
Deaconess Health System