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Community Events

The Women's Hospital is proud host to many community events. Events are designed to encourage women everywhere, at all stages of a women's life.  From relaxing with your girlfriends at Women's Weekend Away to preparing for your new arrival at Babypalooza, The Women's Hospital has an event just for you.


Held annually, this maternity event is held on the grounds of The Women’s Hospital. If you are planning to begin a family, currently pregnant, or have a young baby, this event applies to you. Health Education vendors and retail vendors are both present offering information on The Women’s Hospital’s services, area childcare services and what to look for in a childcare provider, infant and childhood immunizations, and so much more. Babypalooza is free of charge. For more information, contact 812/858-5948.

Spirit Girls

The Women’s Hospital is proud to offer pre-teen and teenage events to the girls in Evansville and surrounding communities. Through the Spirit Girls program, we provide wellness education and encourage open conversations with young women. These women are our daughters, granddaughters, god-daughters, nieces, etc.  They are the lives that mold and shape as individuals, and we do that through teaching, guiding and setting examples.

Wise Women

Held six times a year, Wise Women is an educational series with topics and speakers focusing on women in mid-life and beyond. These programs are designed to provide a relaxing evening in the company of other women and often present the opportunity for women to ask questions or have open discussion on the topic at hand. For more information, contact 812/858-5948.