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Web Nursery

Welcome to the Deaconess Web Nursery!

We are pleased to offer this complimentary service to all new parents who deliver at The Women's Hospital.

Family and friends from around the world are able to view the newborn on their Web page. In addition to their photo, you will be able to view vital information such as weight, length, time and date of arrival.

To protect the privacy of our patients and for the security of our babies, the baby's Web page is only accessible with a password, as provided by the parent(s) of the new arrival. Keeping your angels safe is our priority.

To get started, please enter Mom's first initial and last name and the password (provided by Mom). Then click on View Nursery.

September 2015 - Announcement Regarding Photo Orders

Thank you for choosing The Women's Hospital for your birth experience. We are proud to offer professional photographs of your newborn.

We are currently in a transitional period with our newborn photography. During your stay, when possible, a photographer will visit your room. No appointment is needed.

If you have chosen to have newborn photos taken and if your baby had their photos taken on or before 9/24/15, please contact Taylor Lane Photography directly at 877.828.7679 or by clicking here to send an email.

If your baby had their photos taken on or after 9/25/15, there will be a temporary delay in baby's photos being placed on the web site and in orders being fulfilled. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time. For questions, please call 812/842-4652.


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