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The Women’s Hospital Perinatal Center

The Women’s Hospital is excited to announce that the Indiana State Department of Health has designated our facility as a regional Perinatal Center.

Our mission as a Perinatal Center is to strengthen the access and delivery of care to our region by partnering with community hospitals. When you affiliate with us, our resources and subspecialty providers will help provide your team the pathways to care and support for pregnant women and newborns in your community.

As a Perinatal Center, we will collaborate with facilities to meet educational needs, review quality data, and identify and address specific needs of maternal and neonatal patients. The Women’s Hospital will continue to provide high-quality services, such as evidence-based team simulation and maternal and neonatal transport. A highlight of these additional services include but are not limited to:
  • We will collaborate to review quality metrics, and assist with improvement projects that are meaningful for your patients and facility.
  • We will assist with the developmental follow-up of patients to ensure that all babies will have the best outcomes possible.
  • Our team of experts are here for you, and will personally help prepare your facility for your upcoming perinatal levels of care survey by walking you through the supportive documentation process.
Learn more at Indiana Perinatal Levels of Care

Perinatal Levels of Care Webinar: Transformation and Understanding 

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