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    A High-Risk Pregnancy Journey

    Kristen T. 05/25/2023
    Preparing for Pregnancy
    When my husband and I got married, we knew that we wanted to start a family shortly thereafter. One problem? The COVID-19 pandemic was in full force. My A1C levels became elevated due to the stress I was experiencing working as a nurse, going to graduate school, and just trying to balance life. 
    My OB saw me the week before we got married and decided it would be best to refer me to Tri-State Perinatology. He told me that if we were to get my A1C in better control, it would be better for me and better for a future pregnancy. 
    At my first appointment, I remember all the different team members coming in to meet my husband and I. They were giving us a rundown of how things would look once we achieved pregnancy. I was given blood sugar logs that I would continue to fill out over time. Regular checkups, every two weeks, helped me understand where my A1C stood.
    My A1C was a little over eight when I first started seeing them. They wanted it to be less than six-and-a-half prior to giving us the all clear to try to start our family. We did achieve that in August of 2020, and were told we could start moving forward.

    Tri-State Perinatology, Always By Her Side
    Once I became pregnant, the physicians at Tri-State Perinatology provided assistance and reassurance. Unfortunately, I experienced a miscarriage during my first pregnancy. We were devastated, but my husband and I found comfort in the expertise of the professionals at Tri-State Perinatology. 
    Through the infertility journey, the miscarriage, the hormone treatment, and everything else, every member at Tri-State Perinatology we encountered was there to support us and to make sure they were offering encouraging advice along the way. 

    Welcome, Baby Axel
    My husband and I are so grateful to all of the professionals at Tri-State Perinatology for their guidance during my pregnancy. While I ended up delivering early due to preeclampsia, my husband and I knew that we were in good hands. 
    Once they put my baby boy in my arms, especially since waiting for him after the loss, it's a feeling you really, truly can't describe. I am just so thankful to everyone at Tri-State Perinatology for everything they did for myself and for my little baby boy Axel before, during, and after the pregnancy.
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