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    Smoking Cessation During Pregnancy

    The Women's Hospital 05/29/2017

    Smoking remains a major public health issue because of its many well -known health risks such as heart disease and cancers. The health risks are even more serious for a woman that continues to smoke during her pregnancy due to the negative affects it has on the developing baby. Some of these risks include miscarriages, delivering low birth babies, babies born with birth defects and the risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The addictive qualities of nicotine make smoking cessation difficult, but with assistance it can be done.

    Health Benefits of Not Smoking During Pregnancy:

    • A baby’s birthweight can be significantly improved if a pregnant woman quits smoking before her 30th week of pregnancy.
    • A baby will get more oxygen, even after just one day of not smoking.
    • There is less risk that baby will be born too early.
    • Not smoking for 20 minutes lowers the heart rate.
    • Within 12 hours of not smoking, carbon monoxide blood levels drop to normal.

    The following links will provide additional information about the risks of smoking during pregnancy:

    Vanderburgh County Health Department offers smoking cessation classes. For more information call 812-435-5807 or visit their website.


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