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    How Dads Can Help After Baby Arrives

    Rachel Beier, BSN, RNC Maternal Care Advisor at The Women's Hospital 12/01/2020

    Being a part of your newborn’s life from the beginning is very important. Dad’s involvement promotes family bonding, increases the longevity and security of the new family, and decreases stress.  Dads can help ease the transition of adding a new baby to the family in the following ways:

    • Attend a childbirth and baby care class before the birth so you know what to expect.
    • Attend an infant/child CPR class so you are prepared for an emergency.
    • Hold your baby skin to skin on your chest.
    • Spend time alone with your newborn.
    • Develop a special activity that you do with your baby (bath, massage, lullaby, etc.).
    • Trust your intuition to be a good parent.
    • Sleep when your baby sleeps.
    • Attend well baby checkups when possible.
    • Establish good communication with your partner.
    • Assist with household chores such as cooking and cleaning.

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