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    Rachel Beier, BSN, RNC, Maternal Care Advisor at The Women's Hospital 06/05/2017

    What does it mean to be swaddled? Swaddling is wrapping a blanket snugly around an infant. Why do babies like to be swaddled? It helps to soothe them because it mimics the feeling a baby has inside Mom’s belly. Inside the womb, a baby is not able to stretch his arms very far before hitting a hard surface. After a baby is born, if he does not feel any confinement, it can be upsetting making babies feel unsafe and insecure. Swaddling calms infants and promotes sleep.

    There are certain guidelines that must be followed when swaddling. Always swaddle a baby on his back.  Do not wrap tightly around baby’s legs; studies have shown this can cause hip problems. Baby should be able to bend legs up and out. Stop swaddling when he starts rolling over or is two months old.


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