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    Find a Class for Everyone in your Growing Family

    Christy H., RN, BSN, Maternal Care Educator at The Women's Hospital 07/02/2018

    Find a class for everyone in your growing family
    Finding a balance in life sure seems to be a challenge these days. Throw in expecting a baby and life just got that much crazier! There are baby showers to plan, registries to make, equipment to put together. Not to mention preparing ourselves for the main event, the reason for all the craziness. That’s where The Women’s Hospital has you covered. The Women’s Hospital has classes for everyone, whether you’re expecting your first child or just need a refresher on certain skills. All of our classes are taught by experienced professionals in their area of expertise. Therefore, you are sure to receive the most up-to-date, accurate information on the topics you are most interested in. I have put together a list of the classes offered at The Women’s Hospital so that you can easily find the classes that fit your needs.

    • From Pregnant to Parent: This class is perfect for expecting first-time parents. It’s your one stop for childbirth and beyond. We discuss many topics including: Preparing for labor, labor and birth, pain management, postpartum care, newborn baby care, breastfeeding and pumping. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and prepared for your upcoming delivery. With many different times offered, this class is designed to meet the needs of all expecting parents.
    •  From Parent to Grandparent: Have you ever thought about how much has changed since our newest expectant grandparents have had their babies? We can tell you, there’s been a lot! This class provides updated information on safe sleep, car seat safety, breastfeeding and updates on baby equipment. We also discuss our hospital policies and practices so that grandparents can be prepared for the birth of their new grandbaby. They will also get to take a tour of the hospital to help get acquainted with us!
    •  Breastfeeding and Beyond: Breastfeeding is the gold standard for feeding your baby and this class prepares you with everything you need to be successful at it! This class is not just for first time parents. Every baby is different and just because you were (or weren’t) successful with your other child(ren), doesn’t mean you won’t need a refresher class this time around. In this 2 hour class, you will learn and practice basic breastfeeding skills, how to avoid common problems and how to pump and store breast milk. This is a great opportunity to bring your pump to class and let us help you get acquainted with it. Let’s not forget about our dads! They are encouraged to come along too. The more support you have while breastfeeding, the better!
    •  Pediatric CPR for Friends and Family: This is a 2 hour class that teaches the latest techniques endorsed by the American Heart Association. This non-certification class is designed for anyone caring for a child or infant. We have many parents and grandparents who take this class together!
    • Prenatal Yoga: This is a popular exercise class for new moms-to-be that encourages stretching, mental centering and focused breathing. Prenatal Yoga has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, increase strength and flexibility needed for childbirth. It can also decrease low back pain, nausea, carpel tunnel syndrome and headaches. Whether you just found out that you are expecting or you’re close to your due date, this class is perfect for any expectant mom. Taught by a certified yoga instructor, she will be sure to meet the needs of everyone who joins.
    • Buckle up car seat safety class: This class is wonderful for expecting parents who are interested in the importance of infant care seat safety. They discuss car seat components, do’s and don’ts of proper care seat installation and allow you to bring your own car seat to class. Taught by certified car seat technicians, this is a great opportunity to have your car seat inspected and installed into your car properly. Therefore, giving you peace of mind while driving with your precious cargo!
    • Big Brother/Big Sister: Calling all big siblings! There are classes offered for big brothers and sisters-to-be of all ages. We have a construction themed class for ages 4-10 and a super hero themed class for the younger kiddos, ages 2-4. These classes are always a crowd pleaser and focus on hand-washing, using quiet voices, gentle touch and hands on activities such as diapering, swaddling and burping. The kids get to tour a birthing room where Mommy will be staying and may even get to see a brand new baby!
    • Dude Camp: That’s right! We have a class for dudes who are about to be dads! It is taught by experienced dads who will help provide insight and suggestions to help Dad prepare for his new role. They will discuss preparing for baby, how Dad can help once baby is born, hands on diapering and bathing and strengthening your relationships with your partner. Did I mention the beer and appetizers that they get during class?? What guy wouldn’t want to sign up, right?

    As you can see, there is a class for everyone in your growing family. You may register on the Oh Baby app or visit to find the dates and time that best meet your needs. Now, don’t you feel better? Being prepared for your upcoming experience can help life feel a little less crazy. Enjoy the journey because it sure does go by quickly!


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