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    Easter Ideas for Parents

    Hospitality Concierge at The Women's Hospital  04/16/2019
     Easter Ideas for Parents 

    It’s almost that time – everyone is looking forward to the Easter Bunny coming!! It will be here before we know it.  The kiddos are wondering what they will get in their baskets.  As parents, you can keep it fun, but easy! Create traditions in your family that you can enjoy each year as you look forward to holidays all year long. Here are some age appropriate Easter basket ideas for your little bunnies and chicks at home. 

    As we know, infants love anything sensory related. Get some lap time in and play with them! Talk to them and tell them all about the toys they got; they will enjoy the social interaction.  Fill your infant’s bunny basket with these items:
    • Soft, plush stuffed animals
    • Sound machines or rotating mobiles to help with calming
    • Baby rattles to catch their attention
    • A play mat to play and learn on
    • Soft security blankets to snuggle with or a taggy blanket with different textures
    • A baby mirror so they can look at themselves
    • Dangling toys and crib gyms
    • Items with bright colors
    • Bath toys
    • Small handheld toys that are easy to grasp and manipulate  
    • Soft books about Easter animals
    • Soft hand puppets to use with their favorite adult
    • Don’t forget cute Easter hats, bibs and cute outfits. 
    Active toddlers love to be on the go! They love touching and doing things, so let’s keep those little hands busy with fun stuff! Don’t forget to let this age group hunt for eggs! They will love the experience.  Your little ones basket will be the hit with these:
    • Anything with music! Your toddler will enjoy dancing and wiggling all over.  Sing your favorite Easter song in the car or wherever you are! They love to try to sing along.
    • Soft, plush animals they can hold in their hands
    • Hard back Easter books
    • Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles.  Toddlers never get tired of them.
    • Balls with textures
    • Sidewalk chalk in the shape of Easter eggs
    • Easter snacks and candies for those little fingers – they can grab them and practice their fine motor skills
    • Bunny headbands to wear on Easter so they can do lots of “hopping” themselves!
    • Homemade playdough recipes are always a big hit! Toddlers can eat the dough!
    • Bath time fun toys like squirters or bathtub chalk
    • Simple Easter puzzles
    • Shape sorting or shape matching games
    Preschoolers love the excitement of the holiday when they can participate in the egg hunt.  They will be off and going so be ready for your little one. They are going to be all about what the Easter Bunny brought them and also the basket itself.
    • Preschoolers love the Easter Candy – we know they will. Or Marshmallow Peeps!
    • New favorite item or toy that has been on their wish list
    • Something plush such as a soft, furry stuffed animal
    • Of course plastic eggs filled with candies, money or treasures!
    • Sidewalk chalk
    • Bunny ears headband, of course!
    • Inspire their creativity with paper, paint, markers, or crayons. There are so many cool products out right now.
    • Gardening tools for spring! Get them outdoors and in the dirt. 
    • Finger puppets
    • Stickers, stickers are more stickers
    Don’t let school age children fool you.  They still love receiving Easter baskets. There are definitely still things that you can put in there to Wow! Your child. 
    • They love the candy, so bring it on!
    • Inspire their creativity by giving them sketchbooks and colored pencils. 
    • Small building sets are always popular with boys, as well as girls.
    • Slime is the new fad with this age group. It may be messy but they sure enjoy it.
    • Small handheld games or miniature games
    • Card games
    • Hand written coupons for special things they have earned
    • Nail stickers and polish for girls
    • Collectible baseball cards for boys
    • Gift cards for the mall or movie
    • Rolls of coins for them to spend
    Just in case you have a teen that still likes receiving gifts. Moms still like to give things to their oldest children before they leave the nest.
    • DVD’s
    • Decks of cards
    • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
    • Favorite cologne or perfume
    • Teen or adult coloring books with colored pencils
    • Move gift cards
    • Sunglasses
    • Earbuds or earphones
    • iTunes gift cards
    • Nail polish and accessories
    • Car wash kits
    • Water bottle or insulated cups
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