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HeartSaver AED

Heart Saver - The Heart Hospital at Deaconess Gateway

The Heart Hospital at Deaconess Gateway has teamed up with the Deaconess Foundation to create HeartSaver. 

HeartSaver's mission: To reduce sudden death through placement of life-saving automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in the Tri-State.  AED Map of Locations

AED Training Dates for 2019

AED training is free and space is limited
January 29th
February 19th
March 26th
April 23rd
May 23rd (Thursday)
June 25th
July 30th
September 24th
October 29th
November 26th
To register contact Penny Goshert at 812-842-3472 or

HeartSaver Presentation (2-22-18)


How to use an AED

Sudden cardiac death strikes without warning and chooses its victims at random, without regard to age, gender, health status or history. 
  • At a Tri-State area Schnucks, a customer experienced a sudden cardiac event. Fortunately, each Schnucks has an AED on site. A store manager successfully used that device to save the customer's life. 
  • A healthy 35 year old physician who is the brother of one of our volunteers collapsed in his office in a sudden cardiac emergency. He had no pulse and stopped breathing. Fortunately a cardiologist's office was across the hall. He came running with an AED. The cardiologist used it to shock the heart back to rhythm so the physician could be transported to a Heart Hospital. He is healthy and very much alive today.
  • A second-year dental student at IU School of Dentistry had no recollection of suffering cardiac arrest and collapsing to the floor in the lab. He is thankful the students and staff were present, started CPR and applied an AED to save his life. 
These are just a few examples of successful saves due to the presence of an AED. These devices save lives and anyone can use them. There is no special skill required. 

The HeartSaver program aims to raise funds and place AEDs. Working with local contacts, churches, schools and other community organizations and individuals, HeartSaver will facilitate the fund raising, purchase, education and placement of AEDs throughout the Tri-State. 

Gifts may be made in any amount. Donors at the level of $1215 may select where they'd like an AED placed. All donations are tax deductible. Checks may be written to Deaconess Foundation with HeartSaver in the designation line. 

We know AEDs save lives. We can also be confident that the AEDs placed through this program will save a life. That life could be someone you know. It could be someone you love. It could even be your own life. 

The HeartSaver Steering Committee is: Kirsten Wagmeister - Chairperson, Becky Malotte, Penny Goshert, Mark Moore, Kathy Grant Murrell, Carmen Mazick, Lu Porter and Pam Hight.

For more information:
Contact Penny Goshert (812) 842-3472 
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