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Obstetrical Care

Deaconess Henderson Women’s Services is dedicated to being a resource for women even before pregnancy. Beginning with fertility care and preconception education, Deaconess Henderson Women’s Services offers services to guide you through your journey from belly to baby.

Laboring Patients 
If you feel you are in labor, you will come to the Deaconess Henderson Emergency Room. If you are over 20 week’s gestation, you will be taken directly to the Labor and Delivery floor where you will be assessed by the OB staff. Every woman’s situation is unique. Therefore, if our team determines you are in labor or in need of ongoing care you will then be admitted to the LDR rooms.  

The LDR concept of care means that the labor, delivery, and recovery stages of childbirth occur in the same room. Once you have recovered, we will move you to a private room out on postpartum that overlooks the river. 
Cesarean Section (C-Section) 
If you are having a scheduled cesarean section, you will register in admissions and you will be taken to the OB floor to prepare you for surgery.   

Generally, one support person is allowed to be with you at the time of surgery and recovery. However, there are certain circumstances where this might not be possible i.e. an emergent situation or if general anesthesia is required. Once the C-Section is complete, you, your support person and your baby will be allowed to recover together. After your recovery period, you will be moved to a postpartum room for the remainder of your stay. You will also have the same nurse during your C-section and recovery.   

Our specialized staff strives to provide a wonderful experience for our patients. Our team of pregnancy experts includes:
OB Triage Services
  • Labor and Delivery Staff
  • Lactation Consultants
  • Physical Therapists
We also provide educational resources during pregnancy including:
  • Childbirth Classes
  • Hospital Tours
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