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Health Care Providers

Service Center Locations
We offer patients a number of convenient service centers staffed with highly qualified laboratory personnel that provide complete patient registration and specimen collection services. 

Courier Services
Our tri-state courier network specializes in meeting our client’s needs for efficient and proper handling and transport of patient specimens.

Stat Services
Unlike many national laboratories, we provide both same-day and STAT services for specimen pick up.

Advanced Testing
Our laboratory offers state-of-the-art technology and partners with ARUP to provide additional services.

Test Directory and Specimen Collection Guides
Our online test directory and accompanying information provides helpful guidelines to ensure all the proper steps are taken in the testing process.

Customer Service Representatives
Our customer service team helps customize your testing needs and serves as a liaison between your company and the laboratory.   

Information Technology Team
We offer laboratory informatics assistance to guide the test order entry process and ensure results are viewable.  

Board Certified Pathologists
Medical direction is provided by an Evansville-based team of board certified pathologists that have years of laboratory medicine experience to offer assistance in the selection and interpretation of clinical laboratory tests.

Expert Staff
Our skilled medical technologists have the knowledge necessary to answer your technical questions. Our phlebotomists, billing personnel and other support staff are highly trained and dedicated to performing specific laboratory services. As a result, Deaconess Regional Laboratory has the skill and focus required to meet the needs of staff and patients.

Billing Services
We can accommodate many insurance plans and offer competitive prices and client fees. Our dedicated billing system produces easy-to-interpret, client-friendly billing statements.

Community-Based Services
The Deaconess Laboratory mission emphasizes our active role in programs that help improve the health and meet the educational needs of our community.

Call us for any of your laboratory needs at 812-450-4LAB or toll free 800-214-0407.
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