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Our Approach
Your spine is the body’s information super highway. It houses a system of nerves that your body uses to communicate pain and discomfort directly to your brain. The specialists in our Comprehensive Spine Center are expertly trained to evaluate and treat a variety of neck, back, and nerve pain. They do not prescribe narcotic pain medication.   

To get you feeling better faster, the Comprehensive Spine Center offers new patient appointments to anyone age 18 or older without a physician referral. You can call us and schedule an evaluation appointment at a time convenient for you.
What if – 
You had previous spine surgery?
You haven’t had spine surgery?
You have a long wait time to see a neck/back specialist?
You have imaging results from a previous x-ray, MRI, CT, etc.?
Your back/neck pain is interfering with your normal activities? 

The answer for all of these cases is, call us. We will evaluate you and set you up for the most appropriate services and/or treatments.  

Please note: sudden onset of weakness, numbness or stroke-like symptoms are an emergency. Call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency room for medical attention. The Comprehensive Spine Center is not for emergencies.

Deaconess Gateway has received a Blue Distinction® Centers+ designation for Spine Surgery. To learn more, please contact your Local BCBS Company or visit

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